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I believe that in order for the body to heal it must be free of stress. Treating the body via massage relaxes tense tissue so that deeper muscle fibers can be reached, addressed and restored to normal function.

Remember: muscles move our bones! Without healthy, fluid movement of muscles, the entire skeletal system cannot perform properly and chronic issues or injury can take place. 

Massage therapy is the oldest health care practice known to history, having been found in Chinese medical texts more than 4,000 years old. It is vital to our current lifestyles in reducing stress, treating and preventing injury.

I have had the honor to work side-by-side with physicians and chiropractors alike, who embrace the incorporation of therapeutic massage as a valuable option for the treatment of injury and illness, changing the outdated stereotypes of massage. 

I specialize in the medically necessary rehabilitation of lost or impaired function or pain syndromes relating to injury, illness, or motor vehicle accidents. I also offer wellness massage, tailored to your specific needs and designed to maintain and promote overall wellness.

Massage is therapy on every level- and every body needs it.



   Services + Rates

Motor Vehicle Accident 

This service is individually tailored and incorporates multiple treatment modalities to address musculoskeletal diagnoses and pain syndromes. Included is initial evaluation, ongoing assessment, clinical documentation, and a team-based approach to case management in collaboration with your health care team. Insurance billed with a referral or prescription from a healthcare provider required.

Wellness + Treatment massage

60 or 90 minutes, tailored to your specific needs.

De-stress, unwind and feel restored.

May include essential oils, hot stones and your desired amount of pressure. 

See rates below.

Massage Rates 

60 minutes  $$85

90 minutes   $115

*I am no longer billing health insurance but am able to accept your FSA/HSA card and provide a medical receipt for your records

*Allergy Disclaimer: Please be aware there is a

 small dog onsite

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Deni Buss, LMT 

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